About KitCarSweden

KitCarSweden was started in 2008 by Ulf Petersson and Stefan Garsten as a hobby project.

Ulf with a solid knowledge of the spare parts and accessories industry and Stefan with long experience in automotive technology.

Since the start when we started with the model ZERO from Great British Sportscars, it has been shown that there is a great interest in this hobby. The ZERO is based on using the Ford Sierra or Mazda MX5 as a donor car, it is available in standard and a wide body model (GT).

We want to keep prices as low as possible therefore we cooperate with a few selected companies in England who we know are of high quality and offer a good price.

We are located in N├Ąttraby about 10 km outside Karlskrona.


Ulf “Uffe” started to work on cars already as a kid. He has always had the cars as a hobby even when he has not worked with them. Uffe also has solid expertise in the automotive industry.


Stefan started to work on cars already in his early teens. He began his professional career as an engineer in the armed forces. Started KitCarSweden together with Uffe and works with cars in his spare time.